About Us

The future may seem remote to others, but it is very much present at LYX. LYX is an architecture company with the aim of redefining the concept of LUXURY lifestyle. All the designs are something that people have never seen before but at the same time they feel very comfortable in it. Our architects are constantly seeking for new challenges and innovative ways to satisfy the client’s expectations with unique pieces of art designed for the human scale.

With LYX, for the first time, HAPPINESS becomes a parameter leading every proposed concept with the purpose of transmitting emotions to the people. In order to achieve this a team of our passionate architects will change the conventional approach to LUXURY DESIGN by creating an innovative and recognizable style according to the client needs and taste. In a nutshell, Good design is about how a building or place works, as well as how it looks.

Whatever the client needs, we can do it better and unique.