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Palm Jumeriah Villa


Architectural Design and Interior Decoration for a villa in Jumeirah:

OB villa is located at Al-Jumeirah Palm Island in Dubai, it has outstanding view on Atlantis Dubai, Royal Atlantis, and Burj Al Arab. The villa is characterized with a special architectural design distinguished it from all other villas existed on the island. It was designed in a way in which all of the elements were harmonized to form a unique architectural masterpiece adding a special glamor to frond which exist in, forcing pedestrians to stop taking photos in front of it, and to catch their breath to continue their walking freshly.
has entirely been designed by LYX Arkitekter that inspired the design from the ornamental units from the local architect and make it in a stylish and even futuristic design according to the owner’s request who wish to make this villa exceptional in all of its details.
The finest cladding types have been chosen very carefully, starting from the outdoor fence that was inspired from desert plants, arriving to the swimming pool which identified with the sea water, in addition to the carbon lights to make it like starry night. The outside cladding is from composite lightened panel compacted between cladding boards in a very well measured placed, those  were imported from Netherlands. Also parametric ornaments have been added to a random but measured places. Villa’s colors are light beige with wooden grey.
As for the interior cladding, the white statuario marble boards have been chosen to make paintings on the villa’s floor, and the bedrooms floor were chosen from the finest Swedish solid wood.
The villa consists of four stories, the basement storey that contain a place for car parking characterized as elevator that can elevate the car up, in addition to a big multipurpose hall, big  preparatory kitchen, maid room, and a room for the driver.
The ground storey contains entrance with a height of three storeys and in the middle of it a giant chandelier of lighting, and it also contain a big family living room on the height of two storeys in addition to a giant chandelier, and a ceiling of a starry stars, along with a dining room opened on the living room, and an opened kitchen in which one of its closets leads to the basement kitchen. The ground storey also have bedroom with an independent bathroom, and a bathroom for the family and the guests.
As for the first storey, it contains three bedrooms with a bathroom for each one, and a family living room which look up from the upstairs to the living room in the ground storey.
The second storey contains a master bedroom that contains a special bathroom, with a view on the sea with a controllable glass to give a privacy or a view, in addition to a wide terrace that gives a charming view on the sea and Atlantis Hotel. Between each storey there is a beautiful  panoramic elevator. The villa’s garden is distinguished with the privacy with the existence of a special beach with a green areas, and palm trees, in addition to five cars lots have been provided inside the land.
There is a smart system in the villa enables the owner of giving many commands such as opening, and closing the doors and curtains, air conditioners, and lighting, etc.
The villa have been implemented by Belrsesheed Consultation Company, and the entire design of the villa was done by LYX Construction Company, and the interior decoration was made by LYX Decoration company, and the furniture was made by LYX Furniture Company. The total size of the villa with the four storeys is 14300 sq.m.

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