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New Classic Villa


New Classic Villa, Architectural Design, Villa Facade Design:

Are you looking for luxury and fanciness? Well, we think you have common features with LYX! With new classic villa, you will know the exact meaning of luxury.
Located at Al Barsha Dubai, you’ll be enchanted by the fancy design of the villa yet with an affordable price!
In this project detail, we will include detailed description of the villa from both outside and inside.

The villa from outside:

Entering the villa, you’ll see a large yard featured with creative illumination according to the modern style that depends on several features including the above mentioned factor. You can notice not only the modern style in the villa! But classical one also which is company’s style . It can be realized from the bold use of glass in the fronts of the villa which is modern style, and the classic one can be seen in the design of the windows that is decorated with classical patterns from the Arab taste of decoration. From this mixture of style we know  why the villa was called New Classic Villa. One of the most important the elements that gives the villa its beauty is the harmony of the brown blocks with the white ones. Supported with the creative lightening, it gives the villa a gorgeous and majestic view.

The villa from inside:

Reaching inside, we see that the villa has been featured with a fancy furniture and pure marble floor that reflects the luxury of villa. We concentrated on aesthetic factor of interior design by matching chosen colors inside the villa with the exterior ones to get the advantage of color’s mixture especially in the existence of glass fronts. This mixture of colors again will give an outstanding view to the villa.
LYX Arkitekter Company, Architecture and DesignInterior Decoration.                                                      View other villas >