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Because LYX Arkitekter is the pioneer in finding a unique architectural solution that combines luxury, simplicity of design, and another creative feature, the brand new LYX home represents the dream of every person on this earth to have his own home and to locate it wherever they want. Thus, the company came up with the house concept which was originally inspired from a container box, but gradually evolved by smoothing the edges. 
The house is originally made from carbon fiber because of its ecological effect being better than metal, and it gives an increasingly feasible transport, it can be also combined with tesla truck for instance could make a revolutionary detour to embrace nature again and can significantly reduce the global warming.
The home dimensions in closed mode is (2.7×11.6 m) which is almost the same size if 40 feet container box, the approximate area of the home is closed mode is 32 sq.m, while it reach up to 42 sq.m in the open mode. The interior design is completely different from the ordinary motor home, it consists basically from cutouts, living room, kitchen, washing room, little dining space, and extendable bed room, with an over hanged bed all necessary equipment are concealed in the rear side of the house. But what mostly distinguish LYX home, is the kinetic feature which allows the owner to optimize the space of their home, in addition to a remotely glass wall and they are switchable to give full privacy or full view whenever desired. For sure if you are going to live in a house it should have a power source, LYX has electrified the new home with different sources of electricity, First, it can be connected to the grid, or power supply point when it is camping. Second, it has enough number of rechargeable batteries which can be recharged during camping or even when driving by using advanced dynamos. Third, PV solar panels on the roof. which is interactive and adjustable to fit with the best sun angle during camping mode. And it can also recharge the batteries.

LYX Arkitekter Company, Architecture and DesignInterior Decoration.                                                     View other projects >