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LYX Yacht


 Since we are committed to reach the highest levels in finding architectural solutions that fits the requirements of the era, we have directed our efforts to move from the ordinary to the optimum levels. We came up with the idea of Lyx yacht that will enable you to enjoy your marine trip with a fancy and stylish sense with all of its three hundred square meters.
 As for design, the living room contains luxurious and futuristic elements such as the modern sofas, and, the white walls that give you the ultimate feeling of relaxation, and gorgeous fiber lighting in the ceiling, without forgetting the panoramic glass surrounding the room 360 degrees which gives you a full view on the sea. Because our company always make sure that every person should continue his own lifestyle even in the vacation, we provided the yacht with a sporting room, so that the owner can perform his own daily workout freshly with the view on the sea too. It’s worth to mention that the yacht also has a helipad for helicopters to land in addition to services and sailor rooms.
Finally yet importantly, our journey ends with the master’s bedroom that was designed with a luxurious cladding. It helps you to have comfortable and calm night while enjoying the scene of the underwater world thanks to the panoramic glass that allows you to have this opportunity.

LYX Arkitekter Company, Architecture and DesignInterior Decoration.                                                      View other projects >