The aim of this concept was to blend the local tradition of UAE with the Islamic heritage and to reflect the modern vision of Dubai. The design was inspired from the Pearl & shell, shape of the main envelope of the mosque as a shell carrying a big pearl which forms the dome of the mosque and act as a skylight in daytime to illuminate the main prayer hall. The eight gates were inspired from the belief that there are 8 gates to the heaven in Islam as well as 8 angels which are holding the throne. These eight gate arches will form the shell and will merge together to get unified in the Mihrab. The challenge was to blend the local tradition and Islamic symbolism into a modern iconic shape, the form was simplified into three elements, The shell which forms the eight gates, The pearl which act as a dome and sky light, and finally the minaret which emerge from the earth to vanish into the sky creating a sail shape which conveys the peaceful message of worshipers and modern vision of Dubai