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Modern Villa


Renovation Villa, Classic to Modern Villa:

Since the human nature is built on the continuous changing, we made our goal to be one of the most spectacular companies to find solutions either in building neither in the cladding and decoration fields, so we took on our behalf the mission of renovation and refurbishment of Mr. Al Jaber villa by transforming it from classical to modern design pushing our maximum efforts to prove that we deserve this title and this place by turning the villa into an astonishing paradise in the outside garden and a luxurious home from the inside.
The first thing to notice is the old design chamfer façade with a panoramic glass cladded with white bricks with a luxurious two columns on the entrance and a small balcony under the roof without forgetting its luxurious fence and the roof artistic fence, and a small statues at the corners of the veld beside the beautiful flowers.
Because the creativity is the core of our company, we were assigned to put another design that keeps up with the modern era.

We have Started our trip from the outside walls of the villa which were painted in white, along with a beautifully trimmed cypress trees and a decoration plants, an elegant parkay granite is cladded on the outside walls in addition to a big brown gate with the same of color of the furniture inside the garden making the fence a luxurious artistic whole.
 The garden in the house yard is divided into two parts the first one contains a car lot which fits for two cars, moving to the other part which is the garden that begins with  a mezzanine full of colorful flowers, cactuses, and small palms, after that a wooden stage under the green veld covered with a many opened holes wooden umbrella decorated with a beautiful plants  preventing the heat of the sun and to light the place with the sunshine making it outstanding place to say in during the first hours of the morning with a small swimming pool in the corner of the wall to enjoy the sound of water murmuring. The outside lighting bars around the building reflecting the color of the building at night. Arriving to the main building where the chamfer façade is removed replacing it with a modern façade cladded with a grey composite aluminum panels, to increase the beautiness of the building from the outside view, and a panoramic glass allowing the owner to enjoy the natural view even if he is inside the house.
LYX Arkitekter Company, Architecture and DesignInterior Decoration.                                                      View other villas >