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Sweden Palace


Architectural design for a palace in Sweden:

Since Sweden has its place in the noble class, our new mission is to prove this thought by building an astonishing, unfamiliar, luxurious, and lofty palace so we came up with a design that combines antique and modern design, just the perfect design which suits the current challenge.
The entrance begins with a gate passing beside two seperated rectangle ponds each has ten fountains surrounded with a green veld, in addition to the elegant well trimmed decorative cypress.
As you approach to the main palace gate you will notice a few steps to make you feel the highness of the place in addition to the monumental beautifully ornamented arch in the front facade, also one of the most distinguishing features is that all the exterior doors are made of  thick, luxurious and finest types of glass without forgetting the tall green marble domes on each corner of the palace.
But the most spectacular feature is the concealed directed light yellow lighting reflecting the greatness of the building along with the antique torch like garden lights.
Near the palace also there are three small houses. Last but not least and because we care about detail that brings us closer to perfection we choose to build the palace on the edges of a river to ensure that you are having a nice, and quite moments while having tea away from the hustle of everyday life but with a luxurious taste.
LYX Arkitekter Company, Architecture and DesignInterior Decoration.                                                      View other villas >