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Batayeh Mosque


Architectural design, interior design for a mosque in Sharjah:

The Architectural Masterpiece, located in the Emirate of Sharjah,  Al Batayeh area, opened in July 2014. Designed by LYX Arkitekter. 
Its total area is 14,634 sqm. , includes prayer places that can accommodate about 1,600 worshipers, places for services, ablution, water drinking and parking and. It is surrounded by gardens that play a major role in creating a spiritual atmosphere for the worshipers.
The details of the construction of the Al-Rushed Mosque and its outer structure reflect the originality of the Islamic civilization and the charm of its designs.
It contains 42 domes of different shapes and sizes, and two minarets, each of them 37 meters high.
Accompanying the domes with the minarets is a spiritual beauty, as the minaret resembles the hands of the worshiper in supplication, and the domes bend their bodies in prostration, and give the mosque a shape that relaxes the eye and the soul
The main dome is characterized by that it rests on four half-domes distributed on the four outer sides, decorated with prominent intersecting lines that increase the evidence of strength
From the inside, we see the inner cavity of the main dome, decorated from the inside with glass windows and vegetal inscriptions based on eight columns.
The facades are covered by two-color polished stone, gypsum frames and geometric and ornamental motifs.
The mosque is surrounded from above by balconies of leaves shape
The two minarets are distinguished by that each one is a square base with an octagonal part on it, then a circular part, and then a conical part like an arrow connecting to the sky.
Its grandeur begins with the shape of the entrance, as it contains three domes based on columns, lines and plant leaves intertwine in its decoration.
The building of the mosque rises, as the main doors open to the gates of the first halls and is topped by three domes and then the main halls, separated by huge columns.
As for the Mihrab extending from the ground to the sky, three arches overlap in its design, the smallest of which is the arch of the mihrab’s cavity surrounding a beautiful decorative frame, then the middle arch decorated with vegetal decorations and finally the largest arch surrounded by a marble frame and vegetal decorations. All the walls of the mosque are on columns that have a square marble base with shelves inspired by the pillars of the Two Holy Mosques, topped by an octagonal shape and a circular part on it with longitudinal ornate murals and their crowns have taken a circular shape.
The decorations of the mosque are all prominent lines, vegetal motifs, or Quranic verses.
This mosque is a religious landmark and an architectural icon that adorns the land of Sharjah.

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