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It is known that creativity has a limit but with LYX Arkitekter company we have erased those limits by presenting all new concept represented by Vänersborg Galeasen project with a building area of 12500 sqm and a site area of 2300 sqm. 
The new concept is derived from a stacked well-organized apartment with a distinctive colored frontal façade of white, with a cladded light and dark brown pictorial stones. It is worth to mention also that the residents can enjoy the natural beauty even if they are inside their apartments because of the view on the river passing nearby it, beside the fresh air that comes from the outside. Because we are concentrating on creativity, we always make sure to manipulate the whole in space in way that satisfies the residents so the space on the roof is used for enjoying the sun shine in the sunny days and prepared with simple things for the rest of the owners. The building consists of basement, ground, and five more floors. The building is entirely designed by LYX Arkitekter in 2020 in Vänersborg Galeasen Sweden. 
LYX Arkitekter Company, Architecture and DesignInterior Decoration.                                     View other projects >