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Andalusian Villa


Architectural design for Andalusian Villa:

Are you dreaming to see mind captivating architectural artistry of Andalusia? Well, LYX is your ticket to the amazing trip to the history with Andalusian Place. We covered every simple detail either from inside or outside of villa to live unforgettable memories with your beloved people.

Brief description:

Standing in front of the villa you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the villa. We used Moorish Andalusian architectural style, or in other definition Hispano- Moorish (Islamic) style which is famous for the dominant Arabic style of Architecture merged with a little of the European culture. The Arab style is seen in the design of the house front.  Not forgetting windows design and its decorating patterns. Moreover, the European taste can be seen on sides of the roof where there are Pyramidal, rectangular, roof shapes cladded with Romane Canal 8 bricks for the harmonization with white color of the building. As always the building has been featured with some elements of the modern style which includes creative illumination to add majestic scene on the building. Reaching the last station in the villa, which is garden. The villa overviews a charming garden which Andalusian palaces famous for, and of course you probably hasn’t seen anything like that! The garden has a small pond reflects Islamic style of decoration and  beautiful veld with palm trees as a symbol of the Arabian existence in Andalusia and the existence in the decoration of the building too.
LYX Arkitekter Company, Architecture and DesignInterior Decoration.                                                      View other villas >