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OB Villa


Renovation Villa, Classic Villa:

Because we are the sponsors of innovation we were assigned  for the mission of renovation and refurbishment of Mr. Obaid Belresheed  villa in UAE.
Located in United Arab Emirates, in Dubai OB villa standing as the example of  the most luxurious and beautiful villa in the Palm Island. It's unique piece of Architecture that has gathered several cultural tastes in both architecture and decorations of the villa all gathered in one crucible. It will make by passers stop to take photos next to it.
The modifications:
From outside:
We can realize the transformation of the gate which turned from simple design to more complicated one. The arch has been inspired from Chinese style of architecture merged with Islamic one which can be realized in the design of the vaults. Moreover, the ornaments on its walls refers to the European taste.
 Passing the main gate, you will find yourself in the yard of the villa. There was a pond that has been removed to enlarge the overall space. It has palm trees on the green  veld. It’s also featured with innovative illumination to give the villa a majestic view through reflected light on the white building.
 Reaching the main building, you will realize a huge move from simple design to the modern one. The entire design has been changed. White blocks has been used instead of the brown one. Moreover, the semi pyramidal roof has been removed to replaced with a flat roof. After renovation, we can realize three architectural styles ranging from the Islamic style, which can be seen in the building form, European one in the design of windows and the ornaments on the walls and arch above the door of  the villa, beside; the Roman style, obeseved in the design of the poles near the door.
  From Inside:
In the final stage of our tour, we will have a brief description of the  inside. When entering the villa, you will realize the modern design combined with large sizes of the rooms. The perfect match of furniture's colors with the pure marble floors reflects the  luxury of the villa.
After a tour inside we reached our final destination which is the balcony. If you want to have a cozy and quiet place. Well, your balcony is your right choice. Especially at night where you can sit and enjoy the illuminated yard.
LYX Arkitekter Company, Architecture and DesignInterior Decoration.                                                      View other villas >